Monday, 15 October 2012

Continue Manga Fan Art


Continue Manga Fan Art.

As most of you have gathered by now I love to draw. When I am not drawing I tend to spend a lot of time on youtube. One of my favorite channels is Continue. Figured I would do portraits of the hosts of Continue as a thank you for entertaining me (or distracting me depending on your point of view).

For all of you who don’t know Continue is a web show featuring three guys playing video games. They play a selected game for around thirty minutes (all the time bickering among each other XD) and after that time they talk abit about their experience and decide if they would continue or game over. The show is very funny and has some great recurring jokes like Epic maneuver (queue nightwish.)

Be sure to check out their videos and subscribe to their channel.

Lets get started on the tutorial.

First step is as always mock up a quick sketch. I actually messed up some of the faces here but the idea is readable. So long as the image is readable then I can always come back and neaten up areas I don’t like.

After neatening up the image it is time to import to illustrator to clean up the line art.  I feel I am getting quicker at this as I have figured out my personal way of dealing with illustrator. Line art complete it is now time to import the lines into photoshop so I can begin the colour process.

I lay down the base colours and then adjust the brightness and saturation. This is to ensure that the colours are distinct from one another. I then tidy up the colours erasing any parts that may have gone over the lines. Each colour gets its own layer.

A transparency lock is placed on each layer for the shading. This is to prevent me colouring outside the lines thus saving me time and aggravation. Shades and small highlights are applied.

Little touches are added before I work on the sofa. For the glasses I drew small white lines for the reflection. Beards did not translate well so I focused more on heavy stubble. A grey colour was applied with a soft round brush followed by specs of dark colour to give some texture. I tried to match the font but I could not find the correct one. This was the closest I could find.

For the sofa I wanted to try something I recently learnt from watching “Eden of the east”. In this anime the backgrounds were painted with a very distinct look to them. I used a hard round brush flattened. I then rotated the brush to a forty-five degree angle. I layered the lighter tones to give the sofa a plump shape. I added a darker layer with the same brush fore the dents in the sofa. This gave a really nice effect. Will defiantly do this again.

I really enjoyed working on this. My workflow seems to be improving as I feel as if I am getting faster.

I do think my shading needs a bit more work but I feel like I am developing my own style. Having more fun doing these as well.

Quick notice:
I will be away on holiday next week so no drawing tutorial for 2 weeks. These take a while to produce and I will not have the time.

Fear not I will be writing two reviews for the weeks I am not around. They will be published through an automated system so if I do not respond straight away it is not because I am ignoring you it is be cause I am away from my desk.

Normal service will resume when I return.

L8r all.

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