Monday, 28 May 2012

Manga pose

Decided to do a quick break down of how I work this morning. Keep in mind this sketch is for study purposes only so my line art is not as tight as I could make it. Normally I would take it into a program like illustrator to get neat lines.

So I logged on to posemaniacs for a quick random drawing.
This took about 20 minutes (probably not even that). after completing this piece I decided to do a very quick mock up of how I would go about drawing the upper body.

First step.
I quickly mark up a gesture line (red) and then add rough guides as to where the head and torso are.
Second step.
Using the knowledge I have learnt from months of studying proportions I sketch in the details.
Finally I ink the drawing with a hard black brush at 100% opacity. 
This was a fun warm up exercises which may become my daily routine.

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