Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some manga goodness

So I have been very busy these past few days. I managed to get one request from a friend done which I am proud of. I also managed to get a picture of Tobuscus done which I hope to send to him very soon. I have noticed I have improved alot since I last posted. Everything is starting to click. May start a massive project soon. I have 2 in mind but I do feel I still need abit more practise.

I think my next goal is to get some portraits done to boost my profile abit. Also I need to get my damn facebook page up and running (and redesign this site)

Anyway here are the images.

First my request. She sent me her picture and I drew it. Learnt alot from it so thanks.

Reluctant to call this a speed painting but it was quick. I would say around 3 hours (half the time of the previous image)

Extremely quick speed painting. This was done with ref from I think I am getting to grips with lighting. Great warm up exercises.
In other news I have been looking at some manga comics. I look forward to getting to that level XD

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