Monday, 20 February 2012

Drawing the torso (and failing)

Source Material
Title: Figure Drawing for all it's worth
Author: Andrew Loomis
Page: 38
Subject: Manikins

Sorry for my lack of posts yesterday. I seem to have caught someones cold. So I have been racking my brains about why my torsos dont look ring when drawn at an angle. I dedicated a sick day to learning where I was going wrong but I had no real luck. THat was untill just before I went to bed. I decided to take a look further on in The book and just 10 pages later I cam across a section on drawing the human form at any angle. Gave it a quick go and even with my half focus there was improvement. I will post last nights image up in my next post (it was done in my sketchpad so I need to take a picture of it then do the whole upload thing (I hate scanning grr). Anyway I want this to be a somewhat honest sketchbook (or atleast as honest as possible) so I will upload some of my failures.

Note to self: 
The next port of call is to study perspective. This should make my figures look more realistic plus save some sanity as the torsos are driveing me insane grr. I will have the next batch of images up later today providing my health holds up.

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