Monday, 27 February 2012


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Title: Figure Drawing for all it's worth
Author: Andrew Loomis
Page: 70
Subject: bones and muscles

Well my first serious attempt at shading in a long time. Massive improvement. As mentioned perviously everything seems to be fitting together. I just need abit more time to refine and I will be ready. Only one major thing that I need to focus on for a bit and that is heads (well and hands but that will just come with practice.)

I have been thinking alot about the future with reguards to my illustrations and I think I will specailise in manga art. Whilst this seems like a waste of time in learing to draw realistically I feel that my training with the real form will benifit me in a stylised one as I will know what I can "get away with altering and symplifying". Example I now have a good idea of the muscles that make up the arm so it will be eaiser to simplify the excess without damaging the biliveability of the final character.

Specailiseing will also allow me to focus on ideas I wish to explore. I have found a love for the stylised form that is not present in the realistic one. The manga style is very eye catching and whilst some will not enjoy the area I wish to travel I feel it is the best one for me.

Anyway todays studies.
Not perfect but a massive improvement to my previous efforts.

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  1. Hi, nice studies, just keep it up. Manga itself has a several style too, if you like it, try it. Maybe you won't stopping at that style, just learn from it, which you can use at your own style, maybe you will fall in love with it forever. :)

    Macska from CA