Friday, 17 February 2012

How quick can an artist improve using Loomis

Greetings all.
I am Phoenicorn.
So a long time ago I made the decision that I wanted to be an illustrator. The only problem is I was crap at drawing. I keep seeing fantastic artists around the web and think how the hell is it possible to get to that level. I bought loads of books but I just was not improving so earlier this year I decided that I was going to focus on studying just one book and see how quick I could improve. The book was figure drawing for all it's worth by Andrew Loomis.

This blog is going to serve as a record of my improvment over the coming weeks/ months. Hopefully I will get to a professional standard. I will also on occasion be studying other books and I will let you know the source material so you can follow me on my journey.

Here is a link to the book I am using

Well I guess this is the start of the sketchbook so lets begin.
Not much to say here except that I am just using a normal biro with a field sketchpad.

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