Saturday, 18 February 2012

Loomis manikins

Source Material
Title: Figure Drawing for all it's worth
Author: Andrew Loomis
Page: 38
Subject: Manikins

Well I think I have gotten to grips with the main proportions so I figured to prevent this blog getting boring or stale I would try 2 new things. First was the introduction of colour. A blue study on a red background being as the are on opposite ends of the colour wheel. The next new thing was moving to manikins. This is ideal for gesture drawing and getting to grips with balancing the figure. Expect allot of these figures for the next update.

Personal Notes:
being as I am using photoshop and a wacom tablet to do these I must use a brush at 100% opacity. This will avid the weak lines and also improve my drawing co-ordination. I must also focus on balancing the figures properly (this can be done using a straight line as reference.

Considering I have stopped using the guidelines the proportions are not that far off. I think I need to focus on drawing a neck as some how the neck seems too short.

Finally, being as I am posting regularly I will start uploading the manikins in batch. Maybe 3 or 4 sheets. I will be combining my studies with the models from posemaniacs but more on that with my next post.

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