Friday, 17 February 2012

Loomis Studies: Proportions

So today I have been focusing on my proportions. I have found several weak areas which I need to work on. These are mainly in drawing limbs and drawing symetrically. Perhaps I need to draw more guidelines. Things to note: Each line = one head. the human body is roughly 8 heads tall.

As always here is the source material. Click the image to purchase so you can follow me on my studies.

Anyway on with the sketchbook studies
I do feel everything is roughly in the right position just some of the limbs are the wrong shape. The important thing now is to get comfortable with the shape of each limb. I think along with studying the shape of the limbs I will also continue to the loomis maniquines.

In other news I have updated my comunity blog. We now have a brand new interview to show off

The interview is with Jon Hodgson who has a client base that would make any illustrator envious (like wizards of the coast and the BBC) Click the image or click here to go to and read the article.
Catch you all tomorrow

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