Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Perspective round 4

Currently Studying
Title: Figure Drawing for all it's worth
Author: Andrew Loomis
Page: 42
Subject: Perspective

So I have created a quick tutorial on how to create 3d form. This is very quick and very basic. It is just to show my workings and needs allot of refinement. To be honest I am not completely comfortable with this method yet. Whilst the results seem to be improving I still need to focus more on getting perspective perfect. There are a lot of silly small errors in this but it is a start and that is better than nothing. If I can refine this and master it...

Step 1: Draw 3 versions of the manikin. One front view, one side, and one of the bottom. All images should be flat and in perspective

Step 2: draw a central line going from the base to the top of the bounding box. Then proceed to draw lines connecting all the land marks (nipples, naval, crotch) this should serve as a guide for the placement of the land marks.

Step 3: I quickly outlined the general shape whilst trying to keep in perspective.

Step 4: A quick colour job just to make the image stand out.

Note to self:
Really the only thing I can say here is I know where I am going wrong and I just need to focus on perfecting this method. Maybe some refinement is needed but the general idea I am pleased with. I need to keep practising this!

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